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Lucky Dip Chalk bags, so organic they grow on trees!

How 'GOOD' can a chalk bag be?

Well... We've tried to do to good for both you and the environment with ours.  

UNIQUE, one off fabric is UPCYCLED, given a 2nd chance at life and SAVED FROM THE LANDFILL. It's hand cut and matched in our studio by lady Jess!

The fluffy interior is made from RECYCLED fibers AND we give 1 Euro to an environmental charity (EJF) for each one we sell online. Feel good factor accomplished. 

We made the opening and interior EXTRA LARGE for your big climbing banana fingers and so your hand doesn't get stuck around your fresh new chalk ball while on the crux of that route you're trying to send. That alone can prevent a rather embarrassing swearing spree and disapproving looks.

Functional, Fun & Full of Feeling.

Check them out!


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