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While driving to our local crag to bolt a new route, Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi was on the radio, singing about how '"they" paved paradise and put up a parking lot.' She wrote this back in 1970 and I was thinking how our problems now, are still the same.

bolting a new route

Joni Mitchel - Big Yellow Taxi Live

A few years back I started 'asking questions', like "where does my food come from?", "where are my clothes made?" . I found a lot of uncomfortable truths. Those questions led me to actions. Everyone chooses their own battles, we chose ours: We have founded 3rd Rock, an ecological clothing brand and we have started a local organic farm where we live. It's so nice to know there are a few more kids out there that don't think that a tomato grows in the supermarket and are not afraid to get their hands dirty in the soil! 

100% Organic Cotton

children in the communal garden

What drives a person to change their habits?

For me, Having the knowledge of how things are produced and the impact it has, makes the implications of my actions real. I cannot close my eyes any longer about the issues that are close to my heart.

What's close to your heart?

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