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 30th June 2013 – 1.30pm – Sat on the Euro Tunnel in Folkstone waiting to set off to Calais.

Today’s route: London > Folkstone > Calais > Brugge

Jess Writing.

Marc boasting his balcony BBQ and barges

Route planning by candlelight

After a lovely few days in London with friends we're WELL FED & RESTED ready for a few day sightseeing and BEER DRINKING in BRUGGE.

The 3rd Rock van is proving very useful and fun. Navigation however has been testing at times. Guy and I have VERY different methods of navigating, both of which annoy the hell of of the other party!

Something we will have to resolve if we want to be married longer than a few weeks ;-)

We’ve driven the 3rd Rock van a total of 600 miles in the last 4 days. It’s comfortable to both drive and sleep in but we’ve discovered the back right hand door leaks a bit in torrential rain. We have visited some of our current stockist en route, showed them the SS14 collection and replenished their SS13 stock. 

My approach: Have a REAL MAP... Know the general direction & road numbers, drive in that direction, hope to end up on the right road, if you don’t, drive until you see a really good signpost, find your location on a REAL MAP, make an informed decision which way to go.

Guy's version of Jess's approach: *NOTE BLOG HIJACKED*  Do not prepare for the drive, have no clue where you're going, when you're lost (and obviousley you will) carry on, hopefully you'll end up in the right direction by some miracle. 

Guys approach: Use all the technology available, Google maps, Waze, GPS and listen to what they tell you to do… Don't move until GPS works. Park up and wait A LIFETIME for the internet on a dodgy phone to kick in before daring to move. Do not freestyle at ANY cost.

Guy's version of his approach: *NOTE BLOG HIJACKED* When lost, stay put, find out where you've gone wrong. Can't? go back to where you knew where you were. Meanwhile -Use all the technology available and listen to what they tell you to do… Don't move until GPS works. You don’t want to go the wrong way at any cost.

As you can imagine our approaches don’t mix so well.

The transition from Wales to London was vast but we've have enjoyed them both. I’d forgotten just how convenient and frequent London's public transport is. However, I can’t wait to be back in the mountains again, somewhere beautiful on an approach to some long awaited climbing!

I’m gagging to get my hands on some rock!!

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