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26th of June, Day 1 of Honeymoon/business trip. Ripley, Derbyshire, UK -> Llanberis, Wales

It’s the first evening of our honeymoon slash business trip slash climbing trip slash slash slash... 

It’s 7:30pm and we are at the foot of Mt Snowdon, in a very nice campsite by a small lake between the mountains. It’s so beautiful here, all green and tranquil.  We just came back from a local pub in a small town after walking up Snowdon. So it’s only 7:30pm and Jess is already sleeping in the van. In her defence I can say she’s not feeling very well.

Van parked at campsite near lake

Before Snowdon Summit

But let’s begin this story where it should: Every July there’s a big outdoor trade fair in southwest Germany called, wait for it, rolling drum rolls: “OutDoor”. Its massive, all the big names are there, also smaller and small brands like yours truly. So, if we’re doing things our way, we decided that instead of just driving there with all the stand building materials and driving back at the end, We are going to make an awesome climbing/business trip out of it!

So we bought a van, and with the serious help of Kevin & Tina, we have redone the van so it now has a foldable double bed in the back and just basically ready for few months of camping.

Jess putting up the LogoVan with carpet, Folding double bed. Before its packed

Surprisingly, we managed to do it all in 4 days, and hit the road towards Llanberis, Snowdonia for a business meeting + some hiking & site seeing.

We’re going to try and write every few days, so we can: share it with you and have some nice memories as well as pictures.

Tomorrow is mainly driving. Driving to London through Hereford to see some friends and have some London time for stocking up and business meetings as well. 

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