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SKAT vs EDEN trousers by Jemma Powell & Michaela Tracy

We've asked these two inspiring women to give their opinions on our two most popular climbing trousers. If you've been wanting a more detailed perspective, we're lucky to have both previous British Champions, Jemma Powell and Michaela Tracy, to give us their first-hand opinions on the SKAT & EDEN trousers.

on the EDEN climbing trousers

                    Jemma testing her EDEN on Fish Skin Wall 7a+ in Llanberis Pass.

Cut & Style

The Eden are a very comfortable climbing trouser. The waist-band is wide so there is no pressure on the stomach. As a Mum (post Cesarean), this is something that I feel heightened sensitivity towards, so it's great not to have to worry about that. I also have quite chunky legs and the movement in my legs is not restricted at all. This is particularly useful as I spend a lot of my time heel-hooking. :) 

Feel & Use

These trousers are great for bouldering. They're warm and the fabric is soft. You can also comfortably wear leggings underneath them.  Because of the curved side leg panel, the Eden also allow for fluid movement when climbing in a harness. Again, the waistband facilitates this. 

They are warm, but not too thick. They don't make your bottom sweaty!

They are particularly good for climbing outside. The reinforced knee means that you don't have to worry about scuffs and tears. They also have more pockets than the Skat, which is really handy, especially as a Mum.

Appearance Colour

Well, my fiancé says they make my bum look good. 

The colour of the Eden pant is one of my favourite things about them. I have the vibrant pink version, Tibet. They hold their colour after several washes as well, which is fairly rare amongst modern-day products.

                                                 EDEN trousers in Tibet

Organic Fabric

The material is of higher quality. The clothes keep their shape and softness and hold their colour.

The softness of all of the 3RD ROCK Products is what makes them so popular. At night I often think, right time to put my PJs on. Invariably I end up putting on my Eden trousers or my 3RD ROCK leggings instead!


Good for Sport and/or Bouldering inside and out. Soft and no restriction in movement. More pockets for outdoor use than the SKAT and more heavily reinforced knees for bouldering.

Michaela testing her SKAT's on the Pebble Boulder, Stanage Plantation
Michaela trying her SKAT's on the Pebble Boulder, Stanage Plantation.

on the SKAT climbing trousers

Look & Feel

I’ve been wearing the SKAT pants in 'Poison' which is a kind of rich, earthy plum colour, they also come in black, 'Nut' brown and an icy blue - or 'Baltic.' 3RD ROCK clearly put a lot of effort into both designing their clothes and ensuring their quality, as evidenced by the flattering shape of these trousers; the soft, comfortable fabric; and useful features such as deep, unobtrusive pockets and a cord for tightening around the ankles (so you can see your feet!). 


The sizing in 3RD ROCK Skat tends to be a little different, for instance I wear an XS in these trousers, although I wouldn’t consider myself to be that small in the grand scheme of things. When I first put them on I was a little worried that I might have underestimated my size as they seemed a bit tight. I wasn’t sure if they’d have the necessary leg flexibility for climbing - however with some wearing the fabric relaxed and no longer feels at all constricting.

SKAT trousers in Poison 


I use these trousers mostly for long days out in the cold and relaxed sessions at the wall rather than for hard redpoints and competitions, where every ounce of weight and millimetre of stretch seems to count. 


One thing I really love about the SKAT pants is that they look just as at home in everyday situations as they do at the crag - so no need to feel embarrassed about not having time to change before going to the pub!


For an all-round pair of trousers you couldn’t do much better. Good for winter outside and indoor bouldering. Puller cord makes it easier to see your feet. An everyday trouser than you can wear straight from the gym to the pub.

Big thanks to Michaela & Jemma for sharing their thoughts.

Choose those trousers wisely!

from the 3RD ROCK team

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