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Welcome New 3RD ROCK Climbers

New year. New beginnings. Awesome climbers. The 3RD ROCK team is ecstatic to welcome some new ambassadors for 2016. 

This year we've partnered with the talented Gaz Parry, Jemma Powell, Michaela Tracy, Gerard Rull and Daniela Ebler. 

We're excited to welcome them all to the 3RD ROCK team.


Legendary British Boulder and Lead Champion. Now organiser of Blokfest and importer of Flatholds, Revolution, Flipp Boulder Padds, and Faza Brushes, somehow he still finds time to crush 8c+.


Bouldering 8a and previous British Junior Champion for 5 years running, Jemma has an impressive track record. But while balancing her training, teaching and lovely son Max, Jemma climbs harder than ever - an inspiration to all. What you might not guess, is that she daily struggles with her phobia of rubber. How does she manage everyday in those climbing shoes?


While out at the crag for the day, the 3RD ROCK team had the luck to witness Michaela working impressively hard her project Mecca 8b+ at Raventor. Michaela started climbing from a young age with her family and has never wavered in her love of climbing. You might not guess, though, that before she became British Bouldering Champion, she used to play competitive chess. 


The remarkable longstanding Spanish competitor joined up with 3RD ROCK this year to tackle his project La Rambla 9a+ in Siurana, Spain. A local to Barcelona and Siurana, Gerard's determination will stop at nothing!


Climbing for more than 10 years and working at her home gym Klättercentret, for 9 of them. Daniela has been Swedish Champion and competes in the World Cups and World Championships for bouldering. Daniela loves to balance her climbing with her other passion - teaching yoga. She never travels anywhere without her yoga mat and climbing shoes.


from the 3RD ROCK crew.

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