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Like it or loathe it the Festive season is fast approaching and with that the mandatory shopping spree for your loved ones. Choosing the right gift can be tricky so we have assembled 7 ideas from some of our favourite climbing products on the market that we think would make the perfect gift this Christmas.

We've teamed up with 6 awesome brands and got 1 of each item featured to giveaway to you! Simply select which items you would like to have a chance of winning, that might just be one less gift you need to buy this Christmas!


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1. Psychi 25L & 40L Voyager Duffel Bags

We are big fans of Psychi and share an athlete (Rachel Carr). Psychi are a UK based team of adventure enthusiasts who are passionate about designing the best products at affordable prices.

"The Psychi Voyager Duffle Bag is the perfect gift for Xmas is available in three sizes and colours styles in four different colours with the 25L & 40L being compatible for hand luggage on most aircraft. The bag is heavy duty and highly water-resistant with chunky zips and all feature internal & external zip storage pockets, making it ideal for the gym or any outdoor travel adventure!"

Price: £29.99 25L & £34.99 40L

Get yours here & check out Psychi on Instagram and Facebook

2. Silly Goat Holds - Jack the Lad Brush

We challenge you to find us some cooler climbing brushes than the Silly Goat Holds range, with a choice of brushes suitable for the smallest limestone crimp to the biggest gritstone sloper the Silly Goat range has the lot. If you are the lucky winner of a Jack the Lad brush from this guide you'll receive free personalisation too!

The Silly Goat Jack the Lad brush.  Based right here in the UK, Silly Goat make every single brush with love and individuality-each brush is numbered so you know it’s one of a kind, just like you! These aren't your normal climbing brushes, made from sustainable oak (no plastic here!) each brush head is made of boars hair and is fully replaceable if you wear it out, simply get in touch for a replacement and full refurbishment. These brushes are designed to be with you for a long time, why keep buying new? Go climb and brush responsibly.
Price: £27.50

Get your Silly Goat Holds brushes via Instagram and Facebook

3. Pongoose 1000+ Clipstick / Stick Clip

Pongoose blew up onto the scene a few years ago and changed everything we thought we knew about clipsticks. Every stick is a labour of love and hand crafted in a workshop in Dorset, UK.

The newly launched longer length Pongoose Climber 1000+ from the brand that brought you the Pongoose Climber 700; the first and only multi-directional, 3in1 clipstick, brushing stick and camera boom that also retrieves quickdraws. With a collapsed length of 1m (without head complex) and an extended length of 4.3m (with head complex), this clipstick has got you covered. Choose from five bright, anodised colours and add the clipstick to your gear collection for happy climbing days wherever you go.

Price: £89

Get your Pongoose 1000+ Clipstick Pongoose Climbing Website& check them out on Instagram and Facebook

4. 3RD ROCK Bertie Bucket and Dippy Doo chalk bag

Keeping the unique theme going we’d be remiss not to boast about our upcycled and uniquely individual chalk bags that are here just in time for Christmas!

Tie-dyed end of roll fabrics have been paired with a massive box of surplus zips to make a cool, useful and completely unique chalk bag for both the lead climber and boulderer in you. Every bag & barrel is unique thanks to the funky tie-dyed patterns.

Price: Dippy Doo £22.99 & Bertie Barrel £29.99

Express yourself here with Dippy or Bertie & check us out on Instagram and Facebook

5. Scavenger - Soap on a Rope

Novelty gift aside these are just awesome! Scavenger have mastered how to reduce your plastic waste while being every inch the climber when in the tub! Designed and made in Sheffield, UK Scavenger have set out to reuse materials and allow easy recycling and distribution of waste in their products.

"Eliminate unnecessary plastic bottles and messy soap dishes with these fresh body and shampoo bars, infused with natural essential oils. Available in 4 different colours, Blue -Tea Tree & Peppermint, Yellow -Chamomile & Lemon, Orange - Sage & Juniper and Green - Coconut & Lime, each with natural properties suited to various hair types. Each one is handmade in Sheffield and threaded with a colourful strand of retired climbing rope. Inspired by pieces of climbing equipment used to protect climbers from falls, these are the soaps to cope!"

Price: £9.99

Get yours here & checkout Scavenger on Instagram and Faebook

6. Lattice Testing and Training Rung + Rhino Skin Quad Pack

Lattice was founded by Tom Randall & Ollie Tor and are the World's first systematic training and assessment tool for climbing. Offering not only climbing assessments and training plans uniquely tailored for you they also offer all the kit you'll need to reach your maximum gains!

The ultimate climbing training package – our industry leading bench-marking finger strength testing kit + the full Rhino Skin Solutions collection. You appreciate the extreme importance of good skin quality and we love training, so we’ve partnered two of our very favourite complementary items!
The Lattice Rhino Quad Pack includes both the “care” and “hardening” elements of what Rhino Skin does so well. We’ve set you up with four 1 oz premium bottles of Repair, Performance, Spit and Dry, which in combination give you unrivalled access to the best skin at the crag or wall.
Each bottle is perfect for carry-on luggage and lightweight transport of just the right amount for training sessions or short trips. Our athletes use it, our staff love it and everyone’s skin appreciates the care.

Price: £60

Get yours here & Check out Lattice Training on Instagram and Facebook

7. Tenaya Oasi climbing shoe from Beta Outdoor Sports

Beta Outdoor Sports is a climbing distribution company based in Sheffield, with the aim to bring high quality climbing products to the UK market such as Tenaya, Snap & Wild Country to name a few. They also share some ambassadors with us in Max Ayrton and Holly Rees.

When Tenaya wanted to create a downturned climbing shoe they also wanted it to perform well on friction slabs and vertical climbing, as well as overhangs and boulder problems. To achieve this they had to re-think the whole design process and invent new technologies.
The final result is a shoe of stunning precision as well as exceptional comfort. It's design and system of construction lets the hell sit lower while climbing and is superbly responsive to every situation. The Oasi has become an iconic shoe from the Tenaya range and is best described as a comfort performance shoe.

Price: £125

Get yours here & Check out Beta on Instagram and Facebook

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