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Best Climbing Trousers in 2023

Scaling the Heights in Style: The Best Climbing Trousers of 2023

James Taylor sport climbing on the white limestone of the Peak District, UK

James Taylor sport climbing in the Peak District. Wearing 3RD ROCK Mercury trousers

Strap in, you adventurous souls! We’re here to talk about the unsung heroes of your climbing escapades – the humble climbing trousers. Not just any trousers, mind you. We’re talking about the crème de la crème of trousers that will be your loyal companion as you hang off rocks, looking as cool as a cucumber in a snowstorm.

Why Bother With Top-Notch Trousers, You Ask?

Why, it's like asking why one would bother with good tea! You see, whether you’re a climbing novice or a rock-hugging veteran, a fab pair of trousers is the secret sauce to comfort, agility, and keeping your dignity intact as you perform the most complicated stretches imaginable.

The Lowdown on the Climbing Trousers of 2023

  1. Sustainability: The trouser of today is green – and we’re not talking colour. It’s about loving the environment as much as you love a good climb.
  2. Versatility: Whether you’re dangling, stretching, or bouldering, you need trousers that keep up – no ifs or buts!
  3. Comfort & Longevity: Soft as a pillow, tough as nails. That’s the mantra for the ultimate climbing trousers!

The Snazziest Trousers by 3RD ROCK

Margo and Supernova Unisex

Introducing the dynamic duo, Margo and the Supernova Unisex! These cheeky numbers, crafted with our beloved organic cotton, are the epitome of sustainable swagger and nimbleness – your best mates on every eco-friendly adventure.

Iris - Women's waterproof trousers

Ladies, meet Iris! She’s not your regular outdoorsy companion. Oh no, she’s a breezy, flexible, water-resistant marvel, always ready for a day out, without making the environment cringe.


Gents, say hello to Austin! This stylish bloke is all about comfort, resilience, and making you look like a rock star – quite literally – on every ascent. Our multiactivity commuter pants which will literally take you from office to crag.

Marple - Skinny Cut Sustainable Ultimate Mover Jeans

Mercury - Max Movement Eco Jeans Darkest Indigo

4. Denim Styles

Denim aficionados, rejoice! Our sustainable denim range combines rugged charm with the agility you crave, making every climb a fashion-forward jaunt.

Taking the Conscious Route Up the Wall

In 2023, it’s all about embracing the climb with consciousness and a sprinkle of our cheeky British humour. Whether it's Margo, Supernova, Iris, Austin, or our rockin’ denim, every pair is a nod to sustainability, a wink to style, and a high five to unbeatable comfort – all with a cheeky 3RD ROCK twist!

Parting Wisdom

Remember, climbing is not just about reaching the top; it’s about enjoying the journey, sharing a laugh, and making sustainable choices along the way. So, strap on those snazzy trousers and let’s create climbing tales filled with laughter, adventure, and a whole lot of cheekiness!

Keep scaling, keep laughing, and keep loving our planet, one climb at a time! 🧗‍♂️🌍🌟

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