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The WCS Tee You Won

Jessica Mor here, founder and lead designer of 3RD ROCK. This year 3RD ROCK was given the incredible task of designing organic tees for the 2018 Women's Climbing Symposium.


We feel honoured to be a part of this great event and are excited to be able to give everyone a piece of beautiful organic and sustainable clothing to take away with them as a reminder of what's set to be an inspiring and action-packed day. 

When I went to design the tees, I knew I wanted to incorporate both the logos and our moto (Our Planet Our Playground) into this print, so the 3RD ROCK became the sun and the WSC logo became the boulder surrounded by forest and mountains in a lovely geometric shape. The colours we chose for this organic tee really pop also, so will stand out against the rock and look fab. 

We've been a part of the Women's Climbing Symposium for three years now and it's a really inspiring, motivating, social day of female climbers coming together and enjoying each other. On the day there is a wonderful exchange of expert advice, skill sharing, goal setting and the opportunity to build up a network of awesome lady climber friends for adventures and climbs in the future. Having set up 3RD ROCK as a rather sociable female climber, this event is both a great experience for me personally and for  3RD ROCK  as a company, as these lovely ladies are ultimately who I make clothes for! Can't wait to see you there in your organic tee!

The Women's Climbing Symposium takes place at HarroWall on Saturday October 6, 2018.

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