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Harriet Ridley joins the 3rd Rock Team

Harriet on a 7b+ in Redstein, Colorado, Photo by: Jeff Rueppel

Meet Harriet.

Harriet Ridley is a British sport and trad climber who has climbed 8a+ and onsighted E5.

'My name is Harriet and I am a 28 year old climber originally from Norfolk. I have a PhD in Climate Geochemistry and I currently work as a freelance science editor, which allows me to adjust my schedule around climbing as much as possible, travelling all over the world including Australia, Europe and the USA.'

'My Dad first taught me to trad climb at 18 (well, actually, he dragged my up the Idwal Slabs at seven, although I’m not sure that counts).But when I moved back to North Wales a few years ago, I became fully immersed the climbing community and my love (obsession?) with the sport really took off.Climbing is a crucial element in my life. I’m a scientist by training, however, as of January this year I will be a local resident of Carbondale, Colorado, where I’m undertaking editorial and publishing training at a climbing magazine. Having spent some time climbing in Colorado over the last year I could not be more excited to explore more of what Colorado and the US have to offer!' 

Photo by: Jeff Rueppel

Check out Harriet's Instagram for climbing updates:

Follow Harriet on Instagram: @h.riddles

Welcome to the team Harriet!

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