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Skat: the Story of a Best Seller


Founder and Designer Jess showing off the new Skat trousers for AW1920

We're really excited to be bringing back our best selling ladies Skat trouser for it's 8th season after it's first appearance in our AW14/15 collection. Since then we've not been resting on our laurels,we've listened to your great feedback and made some awesome improvements that keep this trouser up there as one of the top ladies climbing trousers on the market.

8 years of Skat climbing trouser catalogues

Over the seasons we have added a short leg inseam option, pockets just keep getting deeper (because phones just keep getting bigger!), a slimmer cut, higher waistband and each new season gets better and better for you.

This season sees the fan favourite Skat return in an eye-catching Cherry Tomato colour to help you stand out at the crag. We've gone higher and stretchier than ever with the waistband for more comfort, coverage and confidence while you climb! It will mold to your body shape for ultimate fit, comfort and style.


Zip pocket and ankle cord on Skat AW1920Harness friendly zip pocket on the new Skat pant trouser AW1920Waistband adjuster high rise climbing trouser Skat AW1920

You guys have told us for years how much you love a zip pocket, so we listened and have now added a zip pocket that sits perfectly below your harness to provide you with a secure place for your valuables with easy access.

Using a brushed fabric on the inside will give you a cosy, snuggly feel to help keep you warm during your winter sends. Perfect for the best climbing conditions!

Daniela Ebler climbing Skat trousers in Chulilla Spain

Ambassador Daniela has been wearing the Skat's since the early days and had some great things to say:

"Oh the Skat is by far my favorite trouser!

I first got a pair back in 2016, they were one of the early editions of the Skat trouser in a bright Baltic colour and they are still going strong to this day! Almost 4 years, 3 continents, so many countries and countless climbs since! They've been amazing whether I have been bouldering in Fontainebleau or Rocklands, sport climbing in Kalymnos, sea stack climbing in Tazmania or crack climbing in the deserts of Utah.

Over the years they've taken a beating and now look a little faded and I had to repair the ankle elastic after damage once but it was a quick fix and it kept my favourite trousers going but I have to admit I'm a little more protective over them now meaning I wear them less, there's just so many memories in them!

I have always found it hard to get a pair of trousers that suits my body type, I didn't feel that comfortable climbing in trousers in the past opting for leggings instead but I always know I can feel comfortable in a pair of Skat trousers.

One of my favourite things about the Skat trousers are the colours! I really appreciate having more choice of colour than blacks, greys and browns. With the bright colours on offer I can really express myself in my choice of legwear.

I have always found the ankle elastic adjuster a great feature and have seen it improve with each new season of trousers that comes out, it really helps with the practicalities of footwork and I also like the stylish look too!"


Get your new Skat trousers here!

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