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Repair Club

3RD ROCK was born from torn knees and holey bums, and a desire to make clothing that lasts so is a 'dab-hand' at helping you out in these tough and changing times. The 3RD ROCK Repair Club is finally available and does just that, gives your worn out much loved clothing sidekicks more time on the road, cliff or mat; wherever you want them to keep up with you. You've been through a lot together and you’re not ready to give up on them just yet. Choose from DIY options of purchasing a fun repair patch, or 3RD ROCK can do it for you in their Belper studio. The repairs are separated by size and can totally revamp your tired garments into characterful fixed members of your action wardrobe, so feeling like a new garment without buying a new garment. Financially and environmentally the best choice.  

3RD ROCK Repair Club Fix Patches

3RD ROCK Repair Club Fix Patches

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