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3 Tips (and the Kit) to Get You Through Winter
With January wind chills and a prediction for more dreary and cold weather, there are a few things that keep us going in these winter months of the new year. We've come up with a simple strategy and three easy tips to help you face those winter months head on.

1. KEEP WARM - the Atlas Protect

    It's just as important to keep warm as it is to train hard, eat well, and rest enough. Keeping warm through winter can help you keep your performance levels up. When the body is warm, it performs better. Keeping warm and warming up, specifically through dynamic stretchingis the best and safest way to prevent injury and get your blood flowing. You can use dynamic stretching to warm up at the crag when it's cold, or also at your indoor wall before you climb (or during your climb). Dynamic stretching is also perfect to keep the blood flowing when chilly winds blow and you're waiting for your turn on your project.

    Our Ambassador Max Ayrton admits his favourite hoodies to keep warm in winter are the Zoom Hoodie and our Atlas Protect. Our Zoom is designed with our speciality, 'Arms Up Cut' which guarantees no cold tums when raising your hands - a climber necessity. 

    Made with 100% organic cotton, our hoodies are never-take-off comfy while being kind to the environment. Our limited edition Atlas Protect unisex hoodie features our 'PROTECT' print designed to remind us all to respect the earth that we live in.


    2. TRAIN HARD - The Luna Bra Top


    When asked about her favourite item, ambassador Katie Jo Myers recommends the Luna top. “It's so comfortable and functional. I love my Luna and Eclipse and get compliments all the time!” Our top selling sports bra , the Luna is made from recycled fabrics and is the perfect support for gym training, yoga, or climbing.

    The Luna comes in various levels of support, comfort, medium and strong, to help you get the bra you need according to your activity. The strong support is perfect for those with bigger boobs, with sturdy fabric and coverage. 

    Ambassadors Rachel Carr and Nora Kiraly both wear their Luna Bra Top as their go-to training top for indoor climbing training sessions. Training is a great way to increase your power when the weather is bad or it's too cold to climb outside. Getting a training plan and working towards your specific goals (like with Lattice as Rachel Carr does) can help you achieve those new years resolutions much more quickly and efficiently.


    3. SEND HARDER - The Mercury Jeans

    Photo: Dirk Smith

    As far as the perfect gear for sending harder climbs over the winter, when asked customers what their top pick was, they came back with the Mercury climbing jeans. 

    The Mercury are a stretchy, double-layered organic cotton jean that are made to hold up against the rock. Their innovative design by Jess combines function and style. They're also perfect to wear under a harness and stretchy enough to manage high-steps or flexy moves. 

    Ishan, a happy customer said the Mercury are 'Fantastic climbing pants.' He goes on, 'The pants fit perfectly and are incredible for bouldering. Full range of motion, and can wear these pants to the pub after a climb.' We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

    When you're about to face your project, the important thing is to be warm, feel strong and be comfortable. Distractions, especially from your clothes, can mean the difference between sending or leaving the crag empty handed. These winter months can be tough, but with a few quality bits of gear and positive motivation, we can make it through to spring.

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