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3RD ROCK Repair Club

So your much loved item couldn't keep up with you, but you're not ready to give up on it just yet. After all, you've been through a lot together, good on you, high five!

Welcome to The Repair Club.

As a family run, sustainable activewear brand the foundation of all we do is centered around preserving our natural environment and producing in the most ethical way possible.  

"I started 3RD ROCK because I needed to make clothing that is useful, that is worn to death, and that is respectful to the planet and its inhabitants."
- Founder Jess Mor

All of our garments are made using organic cotton, regenerated fibers and upcycled materials to ensure we cause no unnecessary harm to give you the products you need to perform your active pursuits with the most ethical choice you can make. We are committed to making products that last, but we are aware that we can’t make indestructible clothing!

All Fix Club Patches come with an instruction manual

While every effort goes into using materials that can withstand an adventurous life, accidents can happen, gritstone rubs, ropes burn, thorns pierce and like us all, age takes its toll.

We know how heartbreaking it can be to get a hole in that lucky pair of trousers or those shorts you wore every day all summer and we wanted to do something about this, so if your much loved item couldn’t keep up with you any longer but you just aren’t ready to say goodbye, we’re here to help...After all you’ve been through a lot together!

We want to give you the tools to keep them going alongside you for as long as possible, say hello to The Repair Club!

To elongate the life of your worn and loved garment, keep them out of the landfill, while adding a little fun to them with some playful designs our Repair Club patches are here to keep your favourite items going for a whole new world of adventures still to come.

Examples of our Fix Club Patches on a garment

The Fix Club Patch Family

We thought long and hard about the different types of holes and abrasions that can crop up in a well loved item and came up with different shaped patches to choose from that cater for different sizes of worn areas (we like to call them ‘air holes’ rather than tears!)

Oval and diamond shapes for long ‘air holes’, circular ones for ‘air holes’ and squarer ones for torn flaps. If we haven’t got the exact shape you are looking for why not layer a few patches together to cover a larger area and get a collage cluster of patches. That’s sure to put a smile on your face!

We don’t like to waste and had a lot of cut off lower trouser legs in the studio from our ADAPT collection and wanted to put the fabric to good use, so we upcycled them into these really fun and useful embroidered REPAIR CLUB patches. There are 8 designs to choose from, so whether you’re a climber, yogi or are generally a tree hugging and nature lover we’ve got a patch to suit you.

How-to-Patch Instructional Video

Our patches are super easy to attach - iron them on and reinforce with stitching or just stitch them on if you like, by hand or machine, whatever you have access to. Full instructions are on the envelope they come in and you can follow along to our easy step by step video tutorial above.

If you still have any questions, feel free to drop us a message and we’d be happy to help. We’d also love to see your personalised garments sidekicks that express your personality and keep that favourite item going for many more adventures to come, tag us on social media with #3rdRockRepairClub

Check out our Repair Club Patches

Thanks for reading. We're 3RD ROCK. We design and manufacture sustainable climbing clothes & activewear that's made to move and made to last. Using recycled ocean plastic, organic cotton and upcycled materials, we're making items that help protect the very environments we depends on for our adventures.


We've been awarded "Most Ethical Climbing Brand" by the Ethical Consumer trade bodybeating out Black Diamond, Prana and even Patagonia!


It's our way of saying "no" to fast fashion, "yes" to protecting the climate and "absolutely" to a life spent outdoors.

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