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We’ve always been rooted in environmental impact, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t focused on social impact too. We believe in transparency, ethical sourcing and practice. We firmly believe that together as producers, brands and consumers we can all contribute to make a difference to the production practices in the supply chains in the clothes we wear.

Fashion Revolution Week 19-25th April.

Fashion Revolution week takes place each year to mark the anniversary of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in 2013. A revolution doesn’t happen in a week, and we are always working to improve all aspects of our business but for this week each year we like to showcase to you #WhoMadeMyClothes

"We celebrate fashion as a positive influence while also scrutinising industry practices and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing problems. We aim to show that change is possible and encourage those who are on a journey to create a more ethical, sustainable and transparent future for fashion."

-Fashion Revolution

One of the core reasons behind Jess and Guy starting 3RD ROCK was to start a brand to combat the negative sides of the fashion industry - environmental abuses, human rights violations, poverty & illness - Jess made it her personal mission to create an alternative type of clothing brand to make a difference.

We believe in transparency, sourcing locally and ethical practice. We firmly believe that together as producers, brands and consumers we can make a difference to the production practices in the supply chains in the clothes we wear.

Our clothing is currently made in: Turkey, Portugal and Pakistan. We have previously produced in Lithuania, Israel and India.

We source most of our fabrics within Europe and print our t-shirts right here in the UK.

We only work with factories that follow a strict base code for employees:

  1. Employment is freely chosen
  2. Freedom of association (=Unions)
  3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  4. Child labour is NEVER used
  5. Living wages are paid
  6. Working hours are not excessive
  7. No discrimination is practiced
  8. Regular employment is provided
  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Image: Founder & Head Designer Jessica chats with employees at a factory in India who produced some of our SS19 lines.


  • An end to human and environmental exploitation in the global fashion industry
  • Safe, dignified working conditions and living wages for all people in the supply chain
  • Redistributed and more equal balance of power across the global fashion industry
  • A bigger and stronger labour movement in the global fashion industry
  • A global fashion industry that works to conserve precious resources and regenerate ecosystems
  • A culture of transparency and accountability across the value chain
  • An end to throwaway culture and shift to a system where materials are used for much longer and nothing goes to waste
  • Heritage, craftsmanship and local wisdoms are recognised and valued

Our Fitz Jeans and Buttress shorts in the washing phase

Gaia jeans fabric in the cutting phase

Fitz Jeans in the packing phase

Freerider Shorts in the quality controlling phase

Where are our Denims from?

We've been talking about our latest denim products a lot lately and we'd like to bring you some more insight into the story behind them. Lovingly produced by Siddiqsons Group in Pakistan.

Siddiqsons have been producing since 1959 with sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their work since Day 1. Producing denim using Global Organic Textiles Standard certified organic cotton, reducing waste through recycling fabric production, adhering to strict chemical use guidelines, biodegradable and organic dyes, waterless machine washing and state of the art technologies such as Jeanologia to produce as sustainably as possible.

The factory has its own effluent water treatment system, harnesses solar power, has a tree planting scheme and by June this year they will be C2C Certified. This commitment to environmental practice provides a safer working environment for staff due to the use of organic dyes and strict chemical use guidelines.

Matching their environmental & social responsibilities is done via programs to look after their employees and also being Sedex certified. This certification requires companies to adhere to strict standards within their supply chain, rooted in equality, safe working environments and practices and fair wages paid so that employees can support themselves and their families. This certification also requires environmental standards be met to ensure sustainable production that looks after the environment.

Siddiqsons also donate to local schools, colleges and educational foundations in Pakistan and all employees are provided with life insurance and access to an IT suite for those wishing to further their education and organised sports and recreation groups.

Other certification held and codes adhered to by Siddiqsons:

How You Can Get Involved

  • Sign the Fashion Revolution Manifesto
  • Ask questions from the brands you love, you can ask us anything at
  • Upcycle and Repair your existing clothing to give your favourite items a new lease of life
  • Choose the brands you shop with carefully
  • Spread the word #WhoMadeMyClothes

Peace Bra in the pressing process

Peace Bra in production

Peace Bra & Saturn Bra pattern amending

Thor Organic Cotton Leggings & Peace Organic Cotton Bra

Our longest serving factory

We have been working with Gulbena, based in Portugal for a number of years. They produce a lot of our leggings, sports bra’s and vests with organic cotton and regenerated fibres. The factory is GOTS, Organic Content Standard (OCS), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) & OEKO-TEX 100 certified meaning you can be assured of the highest environmental responsibility in the supply chain.

Being based in the EU requires adherence to strict EU employment laws and receiving regular audits of their standards.

A Marathon not a Sprint

We’ve been trying to do our best since day one by only working with factories that follow strict guidance from either Sedex or the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), doing our due diligence into potential new partners and visiting factories as often as possible.

We won’t be resting on our laurels though and will continue to look to learn and improve to provide better transparency within our supply chains to working with businesses that share our values and desire for change.

You can always ask us your questions at and we actively encourage you to, if we don’t have the answer, we’ll get it.

Together, we can create real change by asking the right questions and demanding better solutions.

Thanks for reading. We're 3RD ROCK. We design and manufacture sustainable climbing clothes & activewear that's made to move and made to last. Using recycled ocean plastic, organic cotton and upcycled materials, we're making items that help protect the very environments we depends on for our adventures.


We've been awarded "Most Ethical Climbing Brand" by the Ethical Consumer trade body out-performing Black Diamond, Prana and even Patagonia!


It's our way of saying "no" to fast fashion, "yes" to protecting the climate and "absolutely" to a life spent outdoors.

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