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About 3RD ROCK

About us

We are an organic & recycled climbwear brand designing clothes for fun filled adventurous lives. Our speciality is movement inspired design with unique and innovative cuts that provide better movement & comfort.

How did we start?

3RD ROCK was founded in 2010 by Jessica Mor, a certified fashion designer & pattern cutter. 3RD ROCK is a family run business based in the Peak District. Recently a triple-threat, Guy and Jessica are now splitting their time between work and taking care of their baby, Oren.

After witnessing the negative sides of the industry - environmental abuses, human rights violation, poverty & illness - Jess made it her personal mission to create an alternative type of clothing brand and to make a difference.

"Being a fashion designer & a rock climber, the road was clear as to how to go about it, so I started 3RD ROCK - an eco activewear brand for Climbers, Yogis and all active people out there."

As a certified designer and pattern cutter, she’s well prepared to redefine the outdoor style through what she calls  ‘climbwear’ - a 3RD ROCK signature, clothes made specifically for rock climbing.

Our Name 

  • 3RD ROCK = Planet earth  - the 3rd 'rock' away from the Sun.
  • 3RD ROCK = This amazing & beautiful playground...The great outdoors...
  • 3RD ROCK = A planet in need of our help... be considerate... leave no trace!

 'Our Planet, Our Playground' 

  • ENJOY - Make the most of your free time; go outside, have fun, get dirty, enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk, climb a cliff, cycle around the park, do some yoga on the beach or in a field, play hard, find freedom.

  • PROTECT - Take your litter with you, re-use your plastic bags, wear organic cotton and buy local and seasonal produce. Be a person who makes those small changes to help our planet, even if you think that your actions alone will not change the world or make a difference. You are not alone and together we are making an impact.  

    Our Environmental Responsibility

    • We use ONLY ORGANIC COTTON  Why is using organic cotton so important to us?
    • We UP-CYCLE pre-loved fabrics & use RECYCLED fibers, giving them a second chance at life & saving them from land-fill sites.
    • We print with water based phthalates-free OekoTex certified printing inks.
    • We offer you lovely stuff made in an environmentally responsible way, so you have a 'guilt free/feel good' purchase option.
    • Our EARTH COLLECTION items donates part of your purchase to causes we believe in.

    Our Design Principals

    • FFF&F = Form Follows Function & Fun!
    • Make high quality products from high quality materials that last.
    • Make well-fitting comfortable garments with maximum movement.
    • Make beautiful & interesting designs with innovative cutting.
    • Design a cool & bold style with an affiliation to nature and art.
    • Use thought-provoking prints that highlight important issues.
    • Encourage repair so what breaks should be fixable (Reduce/Repair/Reuse/Recycle) .


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