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Nora's training tips

The Most Efficient Training Exercises
by Nora Kiraly 

2018 Hungarian Bouldering Champion and Cafe Kraft Senior Team Member


Campus bouldering is one of my favourite exercises. I prefer this kind of campusing instead of the board, because it is closer to real climbing. Choose 4 boulders that you are able to complete without using your feet. I normally climb each boulder 3 times.


I like to use TRX in my training routine because I can target more muscle groups at the same time. Butterfly is one the great exercises. It is really useful for me, since I am quite short and it helps me with really long moves. You have to activate your core to keep your body in one line during all the exercise and elbows slightly bent to prevent joint problems. You can adjust the difficulty of this exercise by moving forward or backward with your feet.  


Tic Tac Toe might be a classic but it is for good reason. It is a really complex exercise, works your core, grip strength and footwork as well. I like to really put weight on the foot, not just kick the foothold. I also stop my momentum for a second before I go for the next foothold.


For this exercise you need a partner who are trying to throw you off balance. The only thing you need to do is to stay on. Pay attention on your posture, activate your core muscles, and don’t bend your back to avoid injuries.


Squats on the ball is definitely a favourite for me. It might sound scary, and it is better to have a spotter for this exercise. First, you have to stand confident on the ball then you can add squats.

About Nora

I’m a Hungarian climber balancing a rigorous training regime with studying to become a Nurse and working in a climbing gym. At the moment I am doing a personal trainer course during weekends. I love climbing because that is my happy place. I always loved it, since I was a little child who conquered all the trees without a limb on the first 2 meters. I love training because it was always a part since I started to climb indoor. I believe training makes climbing complete. And it can be also fun!

I hope you found these exercises useful. I tried to choose different equipment to show you that it is not so boring. Remember you can always find something new to shake your training up and keep it fun.

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