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Our Values & Fundamentals

Our Values & Fundamentals

Our Mission 

To design and create the best, most comfortable & long-lasting products, while causing no unnecessary harm. To learn about our most up to date information check out our sustainability hub.

Our Environmental Responsibility

- We ONLY use Organic Cotton - See: why organic is better

- We use Recycled fibres, saving plastic bottles and carpets from land-fill sites and conserving virgin resources.

- We Up-Cycle pre-loved and surplus fabrics, giving them a second chance at life & wasting as little as possible. 

- We print with water bases phthalates-free OekoTex certified printing inks. 

- Our Earth Collection raises awareness about environmental and human rights issues and donates to organisations that help to improve the situation.

- We source locally - Our clothing is made in Turkey, Portugal and Bangladesh. Most of our fabrics are from within Europe and our t-shirts are printed local to our studio in Nottingham. For more information see our manufacturing page.

- We have recently started to produce RECYCLED PET trousers and shorts in India. We have our reasons for this less local production and believe in transparency, traceability and ethical practice in all areas of our production. Read more about this in our Sustainability hub.

- We label our products with swing tickets that are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FCS) which means the paper comes from responsibly manages forests. 

- We use recyclable and upcyclable paper sacs for our web-shop packaging

Take a look at our Earth Day blog post for even more stuff we are proud to do.

Our Name

3RD ROCK = Planet earth,  the 3rd 'rock' away from the Sun. 

3RD ROCK = The great outdoors, this amazingly beautiful playground

3RD ROCK = A planet in need of our help, that we are responsible for

Our Logo's circles are flowing, intertwined and never ending which conveys the fact that all things are interlinked, our choices, our actions, our impact. Keep it green, clean, healthy, fair and sustainable. This reflects our identity, our source, our ethos and why our products are so special.

Our Planet. Our Playground.

ENJOY - Make the most of your free time; go outside, have fun, get dirty, enjoy the fresh air, go for a walk, climb a cliff, cycle around the park, do some yoga on the beach or in a field, play hard, find freedom. 

PROTECT - Take your litter with you, re-use your plastic bags, wear organic cotton and buy local and seasonal produce. Be a person who makes those small changes to help our planet, even if you think that your actions alone will not change the world or make a difference. You are not alone and together we are making an impact.  

Sustainability at 3RD ROCK

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