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The Reason We Changed Our Packaging

The Reason We Changed Our Packaging

As part of our company ethics, we try to
as much as possible.


You may have found in your latest order that we have redesigned our packaging, but what's the story?

Recycling makes a difference!

With Nature in Mind

One day founder Jess Mor scrambled off into the gritstone, crayons and paper in hand. In between a boulder or two, Jess carefully rubbed the crayons over the rock, paper in between, creating the base, straight from nature, for our patterned paper.

Designed with nature in mind, we encourage all our customers to recycle our packaging! Made from paper rather and plastic, it can easily be recycled and please do.

Our new method also uses even less paper for each parcel. Our new packaging also now allows customers to return their items in the same parcel, saving even more paper, the whole process now more energy efficient. When you return an item to us, we can even re-use that parcel for another order.

Our packaging is more than a pretty brown casing, it's a shape shifter. Crafted to be re-purposed, you can re-use your packaging in creative ways. We'll show you our examples below.

What can I do with my sac? Here's our ideas.

Get your dirty minds out of the gutter! These are handy things you can do with your 3RD ROCK sac.

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Ever wondered what to do with all those potatoes in a plastic bag? Store them mould-free (until the exp date of course...) in your 3RD ROCK potato sac.

Store them with respect.


Cut out the oval to use your parcel as a carry bag for light-weight items.

We recommend reinforcing the handles with tape if you want to carry anything a little heavier.

Packaged with love

At 3RD ROCK we have a commitment to family, quality and a personal touch. James, shown here, is our packaging specialist. James personally wraps and mails all of your 3RD ROCK orders (obviously sometimes he has some help!). Look for his handwriting in your next order.

Got more ideas for your 3RD ROCK sac?

Send your photos and idea to us at

Or tag us on Facebook or Instagram #3rdrocking #RockMyUpcycle

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