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Why We Design Our Tshirts

Inspired by the wild earth that we live in, our Spring Home Collection tees promote the conservation and protection of the Earth. These Earth Collection tees donate to these causes.


Go outside, play hard and enjoy life, but remember to PROTECT our natural wonders. Give back to nature, help preserve the beauty we have.

This Earth Collection tee donates €1 to help protect the earth.


To improve the situation by donating €1 from every Earth Collection garment purchased to organisations that take care of our planet and it’s inhabitants.

Look for the charity donation symbol on our garments, like the organic HOME VEST shown here.


Our organic hoodies, the ATLAS ORBIT and ATLAS PROTECT remind us that we are all in orbit together. 

Look for the charity donation symbol on these organic hoodies.


Our hands aren't so different from our climbing cousins. This tee speaks that forest habitats are being torn down for the production of palm oil. This tee is part of our #DontPalmMeOff campaign.

Help our climbing cousins by shopping our Earth Collection. Each tee donates €1 to this cause.

Your purchase makes a difference!


Our Earth Collection campaign, designed to help spread the awareness about deforestation as a by-product of Palm Oil manufacturing. The prints capture our climbing cousins whose lives and species are threatened by unsustainable palm oil production.  

Donations collected for the #DontPalmMeOff campaign go to the Orangutan Foundation. 

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