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Inside Look: How Our Tshirts Were Designed

When it comes to print designs we are always trying to think of how we can incorporate our message of Our Planet Our Playground into the graphics that will adorn our tees and hoodies. It’s an important part of our ethos to be able to spread a message in a fun (and fashionable!) way.

The story starts at our studio in Derbyshire, Designer and Founder Jess Mor brainstorming with her moodboard. The words and ideas display: travel, freedom, camping, being outdoors in the mountains and at the crag. We want our prints to be visually interesting and inspiring and when Guy was browsing Instagram (yes he really was) for ideas. He came across a unique account.  Enter Salomé Aubert, a Canadian based artist, climber and all around adventurer. Her pen to paper, Salomé dreams of the hills and sought Canadian natural beauty to come up with her first designs. It didn’t take long for Guy to show Salomé’s work to Jess who instantly saw a connection with her artwork and the message we want to send in our graphics.

Planet Tee compass frame design

Salomé  recounted the process, “I was very interested by the freedom I had for this commission and saw it as an opportunity to create attractive landscapes that would inspire people to go in the outdoors (or at least make them dream about it). I hope to help create a desire to protect the natural elements around them as this is the effect that a beautiful picture or painting of nature can have on me.”

Guided by Jess' preference for framed images in circles and triangles, block colours and distinctive black lines, ideas were born. “I actually haven't done any other paintings or  illustrations with a "drawn frame" yet, it feels like it's something that suits so well for tee-shirts. But I definitely will as I enjoyed the concept and the process, and loved the result.”

See the Planet Tee Men's and Women's.

“I decided to use watercolour for these two designs (my main media) so it would help to create a nice texture within the constraints of only using three colours. I also thought that as it was for tee-shirts, it would be nice to add some kind of "frame" around the landscapes. I did a few quick sketches to test/finalize my ideas combining the frame and the landscape (and presented them to Jess and Guy so I could have some feedback before starting the final pieces).”

Early concept for the Playground graphic

"I decided to create two types of landscape: one more geometrical and one more realistic to increase the chances to reach more people. One would be a night scene and the other a day scene."

See the Playgound Tee Men's and Women's.

Camping under the stars was inspired by the Arizona landscapes I had the chance to enjoy during a climbing road trip in the US, mainly in Arizona and California."

“The other one was inspired by incredible pictures of the Dolomites, Italy. I haven't had the chance yet to go there but it's definitely on my list, and every time I see the original painting (I still have it) it reminds me that there are still so many beautiful places to explore.

Here at 3RD ROCK our connection to nature, is ingrained in who we are as a brand. All of our tee’s are 100% organic cotton and printed with eco friendly inks in Wales. So these tees represent our connection and desire to encourage others to connect to nature as well.

Voila ! See the tees here, Men's and Women's.


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