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Pockets with leggings: it's the little things that make the difference!

The irresistable white powder. Chalk

Leggings are a go-to choice for many when it comes to comfortable everyday wear. Their stretchy fabric and elastic waistbands make them perfect for chilling out or physical activities. The snug fit provides a sense of cosiness and flexibility, making them a staple in many wardrobes. 😌💃

While leggings excel in comfort, they are not always the most functional choice for days out and about. Their thin material and lack of pockets can be limiting when it comes to carrying essentials or braving harsh weather… until now that is! 🙌


Say hello to endless adventures 😍

We know the pain of not being able to wear your favourite leggings because they're not practical for your planned day out, whether that's hiking up in the mountains or heading into town for a day - that's why we made our Daphne leggings, with multiple pockets and thermal lining they’re up to any day out you’re planning! 🌬️🏔️

Is there anything else that makes our thermal leggings with pockets special? 🤔

Of course! At 3RD ROCK we always strive to make every product of ours special and unique, whether that's the material, style, features…or all three! 🌟

Along with being super comfortable, thermal lined, and featuring a healthy amount of storage - our Daphne leggings are also made using recycled materials - sustainable leggings haven't always been easy to come across, but we've helped make that change! 🌍🌱

Also, to help prevent any smell building up when you're pushing your limits, we've treated the fabric to give our leggings antibacterial properties…no more smelly post-hike sit downs!! 👃🚫


Daphne: Your versatile and comfortable adventure companion

The world is your Oyster, and our Daphne leggings are here to help you embrace it!

These leggings are not just an everyday fashion choice; they're a statement of confidence and comfort rolled into one.

The high waist design, meticulously crafted to flatter your figure, is not just a style choice, but an ode to empowerment - this ones for the ladies! These leggings just don’t quit; they adapt to your every move, whether you're climbing mountains, strolling through a bustling city, or embarking on any other adventure life throws your way.

They're not just a garment; they're your versatile companion, ready to accompany you on your journey with unmatched style and grace. 🧗🌟


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