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WILD I Collective Fabian Lavater Q&A

Meet our first artist in the WILD I Collective, Fabian Lavater.

Fabian is a Swiss artist and illustrator based in France. The inspirations behind his work typically come from his love of surfing, the ocean and all that mother nature has to offer.

Having previously completed a Masters in Sustainable Development, Lavater has spent the past few years increasing his awareness of his own impact on the environment and changing some of his behaviours. This perspective shift has also affected his buying behaviour and willingness to collaborate with other like-minded brands.

Lavater doesn’t just work with anyone; he chooses collaborations carefully and thoughtfully, preferring to work with fellow small businesses who have a sound environmental conscience.

3RD ROCK are proud to have worked with Fabian on the first release for WILD I Collective and to see his enduring perspective of the wilderness featured on our organic Tees.

We caught up with Fabian to talk about his designs for the collection and the inspiration behind his work. Read our short Q&A below...

The Wild I collection focuses on artists' experiences and connections to the wild. Could you tell us of a particularexperience that influenced your work for this collection?

Moving to Biarritz this summer was a dream come true for me;my independence as an artist allows me to work wherever I want. So I dared, together with my girlfriend, to jump into this adventure and move to the French Atlantique Coast. I am finally able to enjoy the ocean on a daily basis!

Your first print ‘First Glimpse’ is a paired-back, stylised view to the sea. Can you share some insights into your process for creating this piece?

I guess I wanted to use simple, pretty colours to make one of my favourite views really pop. Also, technique-wise, I wanted to deconstruct the “regular” landscape painting a little bit, to give every colour field its own space.

Looking over the dunes always fills me with excitement, the moment just before spotting the waves which I can already hear. Once I can finally see them, that’s when in my mind, I’m already starting to figure out where the best position might be, where to paddle out.

Your choice of colour and ability to draw us to the ocean with your artwork, was exactly what our CEO Jess had in mind for our Collective. In ‘Nature’s Cure’ you pay artistic homage to the wilderness beyond the ocean. Can you tell us a little about the piece and why it’s important for you to reconnect with the natural world?

I wanted to include my favourite natural elements. The elements in ‘Nature's Cure’ all give me the same feeling. They calm me down and make my problems feel much less urgent and important. They give an immediate sense of deep relaxation, as well as presenting physical challenges such as surfing and hiking, which are in my opinion the cure to everyday problems.

Physical challenges, sports and keeping active all definitely help our team to deal with their problems too. We hope that this collection can act as a daily reminder to get out into the WILD every now and then!

Fabian’s two designs for our WILD I Collective are available here on a limited edition of 50 per design organic cotton t-shirts.

NATURE'S CURE - Unisex Wild I Collective T Shirt

FIRST GLIMPSE - Unisex Wild I Collective T Shirt

Follow Fabian on Instagram: @lavater_art

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