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International Women's Day 2021


Meet Jessica, 3RD ROCK Founder & Designer. She left behind a career in the London fashion world having seen the negative sides of the industry and wanted to challenge the way things were done and bring about change.

She set up 3RD ROCK as a company that has sustainability as it's North Star, not only production but in it's working practices too, equality is a core foundation of the brand.

Jess is just one of the many women in our team of professional, coaches, yoga teachers, vets and nurses.


Meet the Awesome Women of 3RD ROCK

Alice Hafer

Hailing from Florida, USA, Alice is a climber, coach and writer currently based in Las Vegas. She has traveled the globe climbing from China and Europe to Africa and across the United States. Alice even spent a few years in the UK and worked as part of our studio team in the Marketing department.

Not just content with climbing Alice is also a qualified Yoga teacher and aspiring film maker and has an upcoming film due out documenting her journey of a first experience of big wall climbing in Madagascar.

'I have an overwhelming desire to share things with people and to connect with them and this I find so easily in the climbing community. It's what makes it so special a sport.' - Alice Hafer.


French born Alizée is the latest addition to our Ambassador family and comes with a pedigree of being one of the world's elite climbers having multiple 9a sport routes to her name as well as a host of 8b boulders.

Alizée is a former junior Climbing World Champion, French Pole Vaulting Champion and has a Masters Degree in Russian Studies. Not content to rest on her laurels Alizée is currently projecting and looking to push her climbing grade even higher while beginning a PhD in Sociology with a focus on equality in climbing and the barriers faced by women in the sport.

“Pole vaulting made me improve my mental approach, concentration and self awareness. You have to be fully focussed without fear, you’ve only 3 tries to succeed in jumping a height that you have chosen to try” - Alizée Dufraisse.


Charlene resides in Bristol and is the founder and owner of Trika Yoga Studio. She has over 12 years of practicing experience and 7 years of teaching under her mat and also contributes as a resident yogi writer for In the Moment Magazine.

Through her Trika studio Charlene brings the practice of yoga to many but she also dabbles in a bit of climbing and enjoys adventurous trad days out on the coast surrounding the South West of England and has also ventured out to Wadi Rum to experience the climbing and culture on offer there.

‘Yoga is a practice that has helped me grow as a person, helped me through really tough times and continues to change my life till this day. It is also wonderfully intelligent and adaptable practice that you can carry on till you're older!’ - Charlene Lim


Swede Daniela hails from the city of Stockholm but feels at home in the mountains and crags around the world. Daniela has multiple Swedish Bouldering Champion titles to her name as podium finishes in Lead Climbing but now dedicates her time to coaching others to reach their potential. A truly Internetional climber having spent a lot of time on the road exploring from the USA, Africa, Australia and New Zealand to Europe, Daniela's passion for adventure is unrivaled and she couples this with a dedication to helping others on their journeys.

More recently Daniela is focused on developing new crags in her native Sweden.

”Watching others move on the wall has always inspired and motivated me as a climber . It makes me both want to learn more and help the climbers when things get hard - physically and mentally. I want to support them and give them tools to work with so they can reach their next level. I feel very blessed and lucky to be able to make a living of something I love so much!” - Daniela Ebler.


Holly is a UK based climber and Vet, originally from Wales but now residing in the Peak District in England. Her father was an outdoor instructor and introduced Holly to climbing at a young age which started a passion that has seen her boulder 8a and lead 8b+. Predominantly a sport climber and when she's not working projects she is a veterinary surgeon, violin player, horse rider and crafter.  

 ‘Climbing is great because anyone can do it and achieve goals, and you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else if you don’t want to. You may not be good at some sports, but climbing utilises your body in different ways and you can overcome certain barriers to some extent in the style you climb.’ - Holly Rees


Jill is an Emergency Room nurse and Climber, originally from Pennsylvania USA and now residing in California, Jill has always been a natural athlete with a past of gymnastics, she found climbing while studying at college and has not looked back since!

Scheduling her nursing career to fit around climbing trips Jill plans her climbing trips around where the conditions are good and her group of friends are psyched and has red pointed 8c!

"Climbing is one of the few things that makes me feel incredibly free. Despite my nursing schedule and constant traveling, climbing is the one thing that remains constant and keeps me sane." - Jill Sompell


Katie is another USA based climber who has spent time living across the US and also Australia and France. Katie is also an accomplished para-glider and sailor and spends her time working in marketing, content creation and the occasional delve into the finance world.

After falling in love with the movement and flexibility acquired in gymnastics, once Katie found rock climbing there was no holding her back and within her first year she had climbed 5.12a/7a+ and has since gone onto boulder V11 and lead 5.13a.

‘I love the constant challenges that climbing provides. Every day it gives me an opportunity to work harder, grow stronger, and be braver.’ - Katie Myers


Image: @szymoneye

Kyuri is a Los Angeles, USA based Yogi and Instructor with 9 years of practice and 7 years of teaching to her name. After finding yoga and developing her practice Kyuri felt drawn to share the experience of yoga with others and embarked on a path to become a teacher that has led her to clocking up over 1200 hours of experience with which she hopes to help people with chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression.

In 2018 Kyuri and her partner embarked on an epic journey of discovery starting in Alaska and ending in Argentina taking in a lot of beautiful spaces in South America along the way. This journey has helped shape Kyuri's path for the future and since the end of the trip she completed her 1000 hour yoga therapy training in Canada and spent time studying yoga in India too.

"I wanted to share my practice with fellow travelers, live a more Eco consciousness lifestyle, cleaning up beaches and forests, and open people up to more opportunities to travel." - Kyuri Linn


A former Hungarian bouldering Champion, Nora is part of the Cafe Kraft Pro Elite team and was a contestant on the 2020 edition of Hungary's Exalton Bajnokok, a test of athletes abilities to perform high level athletic feats in order to become Champion. A dedicated boulderer Nora has climbed 8b and traveled to some of the world's best bouldering venues to test her ability.

She has recently opened up a brand new bouldering gym in her home town of Budapest called Fless, providing a dedicated bouldering space for the local community.

"There is no better feeling than climbing. Only you, the climb, figuring out the next move, and finally your brain can relax." - Nora Kiraly


Rachel hails from Scotland and now resides in the UK's climbing capital of Sheffield. A former BMC Youth Climbing champion and British Team athlete Rachel now dedicates herself to coaching and is a member of the GB Climbing Team coaching staff. Rachel is passionate about helping not just elite athletes but all climbers achieve their goals and recently launched her coaching company Core Climbing Coaching.

A keen activist for equality Rachel heads up our ClimbUnity program, a non profit to increase diversity within climbing.

‘If I let things like small injuries, or unlucky situations stop me, then I wouldn't haven’t come close to my current achievements. Life will always have obstacles, it's your choice to climb over them and get what you really want.’ - Rachel Carr


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