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Do You Know Our 2018 Ambassadors?

Welcome our new ambassadors for 2018.

We received hundreds of fantastic applications, and a few stood out. We've hand-picked some incredible new athletes to be a part of the 3RD ROCK team for this exciting year of 2018. We're so thankful for all the great applications that we received, it made the choice extremely difficult.

Part of what makes our team so exciting is the incredible diversity we found in the extraordinary people we've selected. From Mikey Cleverdon, with his incredible story - a comeback from a stroke to then send the Moor's hardest bloc, The Waterman 8B; to Patrick Gebert, our German ambassador from the DAV Alpine climbing team who has sent 8c sport and 8B bouldering; Rachel Carr, competition climber turned outdoor boulderer who is looking for her first 8A this year; and Holly Rees, Buxton local, who frequents Raven Tor, with hard sends such as Ben's Roof Extension 8A already under her belt.

This year, we are also making some new changes. We've added our USA Team, and soon to be unveiled, our new yoga ambassadors. Watch this space.

Our new USA members include: Katie Myers, para glider, ex-gymnast and competitive sailor who resides on her sail boat off the coast of California; Edwin Teran, traveller, expert photographer and crusher of hard sport such as Transworld Depravity 8b+ in the Red River Gorge; Audrey Sniezek, world cup competitor and master of her home crag in Seattle, sending up to 8c sport; Jill Sompel, Travel nurse, currently soaking up the sun in Oliana; Brendan Leader, Red River Gorge local and author of the Best of the Red guidebook; and Tiffany Wen full time accountant who crushes hard sport in her free time.

Meet our 2018 UK & EU Ambassadors:

Edinburgh, Scotland
Devon, UK
Buxton, UK
Karlsruhe, Germany

Meet our 2018 USA Ambassadors:

Zoe, Kentucky
San Rafael, California
Denver, Colorado
Marina Del Ray, California
Boulder, Colorado
Seattle/Las Vegas

Our 2018 additions are some incredible people, if we do say so ourselves. Don't forget to check out our full team of ambassadors here too.

Do you think you have what it takes to represent 3RD ROCK? Check out our Warrior program where you can take part sharing the 3RD ROCK love on Instagram.

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